Why doesn’t Judaism accept the Christian Messiah?

Christians are so convinced that Jesus is the messiah, they are utterly astounded that the Jews, of all people, consider this claim preposterous. Christians are bewildered by this rejection because it appears so obvious to them that every aspect of Jesus’ life—from his miraculous conception to his crucifixion and resurrection—was clearly predicted in the Jewish Scriptures. They wonder why the Jews then fail to embrace Jesus as their messiah. Can’t they grasp that the prophecies in their own Bible predict that the messiah would suffer and die and then rise from the grave? How can a people who produced so many Nobel Prize winners be so dense? Are they just plain stubborn?

Why then did the Jews reject the claim that the messiah would suffer and die for the sins of the world? The answer is quite simple: Jewish messianic expectations are firmly rooted in hundreds of prophecies recorded throughout the Hebrew Bible. In this fascinating broadcast, Rabbi Tovia Singer explains why Jews who are anticipating the coming of the messiah are not looking for anyone remotely like Jesus.

About The Author
- Rabbi Tovia Singer is well known as the Founder and Director of Outreach Judaism, an international organization dedicated to countering the efforts of fundamentalist Christian groups and cults who specifically target Jews for conversion. As a world renowned public speaker, Rabbi Singer addresses more than 100 audiences a year. Through his stimulating and provocative appearances, Rabbi Singer has been an inspiration to thousands. Lecturing on college campuses and synagogues throughout the country has become an integral part of his work. He is the author of the book Let’s Get Biblical: Why Doesn’t Judaism Accept the Christian Messiah?”, and is a frequent guest on Television and radio shows.

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  • Rabbi_jimmie@yahoo.com'
    jimmie c boswell

    This is The Prophecy of HaMosheeach:
    “(and ELOHEEM said, “let US make Adam in OUR IMAGE, after OUR LIKENESS, They shall rule over the fish in the sea, the birds of the sky, and over the animal, the whole earth, and every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth. so ELOHEEM created Adam in HIS IMAGE, in The IMAGE of ELOHEEM HE created HIM; Male and Female HE created Them.

    ELOHEEM blessed Them, and ELOHEEM said to Them, “be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it: and rule over the fish in the sea, the bird of the sky, and every living thing that moves on the earth. “)”
    you do not need, anything else but TheTorah to see who is HaMosheeach is. ELOHEEM does not ever lie. we are all here, in This Physical Story from THEM. if you can’t find it in TheTorah, then it is a lie.

    you know this story about Adam, even if you deny your physically here in it taking place.