Rabbi Tovia Singer: Doubtful that Paul was a Pharisee, Student of Gamaliel and Persecuted Christians

Rabbi Tovia Singer’s surprising analysis of the accounts found in both the book of Acts and Paul’s epistles calls into question some of the most commonly accepted beliefs that we are led to believe about the apostle from Tarsus. Was Paul in fact a trained Pharisee? Did Paul set out to persecute Christians in Damascus at the behest of the High Priest? Was he in fact a student of Rabbi Gamaliel? Why would a “Pharisee of Pharisees” pepper his theological arguments with out-of-context Torah quotations? You may never read the letters of Paul the same way again after watching this gripping presentation on the most important convert to Christianity.


About The Author
- Rabbi Tovia Singer is well known as the Founder and Director of Outreach Judaism, an international organization dedicated to countering the efforts of fundamentalist Christian groups and cults who specifically target Jews for conversion. As a world renowned public speaker, Rabbi Singer addresses more than 100 audiences a year. Through his stimulating and provocative appearances, Rabbi Singer has been an inspiration to thousands. Lecturing on college campuses and synagogues throughout the country has become an integral part of his work. He is the author of the book Let’s Get Biblical: Why Doesn’t Judaism Accept the Christian Messiah?”, and is a frequent guest on Television and radio shows.

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  • ray@raymazzuca.com'
    Ray Mazzuca

    Great video. Paul has always been the problem with christianity. He’s quoted more than Jesus. Modern Christianity is built on Paul’s teachings. Christians worship Jesus for two holidays. If it wasn’t for Christians and Easter Jesus would not exist. Jesus was a good man that taught the Torah.