Touring Masada, Rabbi Tovia Singer Questions Act of Jewish Mass Suicide on the Mountain Fortress

During the Jewish war with Rome which began in 66 CE, a splinter group of Jewish Zealots managed to escape to Masada, an ancient Herodian fortification in the Judean Desert. They survived until the Romans breached the wall of the fortress in the spring of 73 CE. However, before Roman troops could enter the fortress, in a desperate act of mass suicide, nearly 1,000 Jews killed each other rather than become slaves to Rome. In his moving tour atop of Masada, Rabbi Tovia Singer explores the historical context of this horrific event, and questions the desperate act of zealous Sicarii on moral grounds. In Jewish law, was it really better to have died rather than become slaves of Rome?

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About The Author
- Rabbi Tovia Singer is well known as the Founder and Director of Outreach Judaism, an international organization dedicated to countering the efforts of fundamentalist Christian groups and cults who specifically target Jews for conversion. As a world renowned public speaker, Rabbi Singer addresses more than 100 audiences a year. Through his stimulating and provocative appearances, Rabbi Singer has been an inspiration to thousands. Lecturing on college campuses and synagogues throughout the country has become an integral part of his work. He is the author of the book Let’s Get Biblical: Why Doesn’t Judaism Accept the Christian Messiah?”, and is a frequent guest on Television and radio shows.

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